About Us

How we started

In 2004, George, a tavern owner in Pinetown, having been in the liquor industry for some years used rulers to measure his stock. George often said he wished someone would invent a sticker to fit onto the side of the bottles, he grew tired of waiting so decided to do it himself. BOTTLETOT was the result.

In 2005 George Anderson was the winner of The East Coast Radio/Synergy Big Business Break competition for most successful business. The following year, George won The Technology Top 100 award for most promising business of 2006.

With no IT experience, George designed top quality software product that solved one of the most troublesome issues facing bar owners, shrinkage.

George was joined by Lesley Carpenter in 2007.

Where we are today

Bottletot is used in thousands of bars, restaurants and hotels across the Southern Hemisphere and is saving owners R1000s in lost revenue. Bottletot fits the definition of a successful product in every way.

Contact Us

Head Office

George Anderson
Cell: 083 733 2221
Fax: 086 613 8417

Lesley Carpenter
Cell: 073 795 5008